Brownies expand their knowledge as they explore what makes computers work and create video games and apps that help other people.

Earn these three (3) badges, and you’ll understand coding basics, how to design a video game and create an app.

Every day, a robotics engineer invents another robot that can do something new – like perform surgery, explore Pluto, and yes, even heard cattle. What will they do next? If you can’t wait to find out then you might want to become a robotics engineer someday so you can invent what our future looks like.

When you’ve earned these three badges, you’ll know how to build a robot, program a robot and share what you’ve built with others.

Welcome to the world of cybersecurity! We use computers every day to send emails, watch videos,and shop online. Computers are also a part of our lives in many other ways that aren’t as easy to see. Computers power up skyscrapers and streetlights, keep air conditioners and security systems humming, run medical devices in hospitals, control cars and planes, and much more.
Cybersecurity is the way we protect all those computers—and ourselves—from crime.

Earn these three badges, you’ll know the basics of cybersecurity, what privacy means, and how to protect yourself when you’re on a computer.