Drop-off procedures & location

To make our service more convenient for our working customers

Staff are available for early morning student drop off at the mall entrance parking lot from 7am to 8am.



Parking info & Location:

11750 Fair Oaks Mall, Fairfax VA 22033

Astar Explorer is on the second floor next to JC Penney and above the DMV office.

The closest entrance is through the JC Penney store.   However, since JC Penney opens at 11:00am, earlier customer arrivals during the day should use the Fair Oaks Mall entrance next to The Cheesecake Factory and Kay Jewelers.


Our schedule is flexible. Please call us for any accommodations.

We acknowledge the importance of finding a safe, clean, and fun learning center to place your children for long periods of time. Our center is here for you.