Little Explorers

Learning Today…Leading Tomorrow!

Take your pre-schooler on an academic adventure!

Little Explorers is designed for students who are between 2 and 5 years old.  We know that most 2 to 5 years old are filled with energy and curiosity about the world around them.  At Astar, we focus on the children’s educational experience, guided by their interests, through investigation, problem-solving, and cooperation.  This produces an incredibly organic learning atmosphere where education becomes meaningful, establishing a solid foundation for a lifetime of learning.  As they grow to be independent learners, these children develop the ability to work with others, follow directions, self-regulate, follow routines, and build self-help skills.

Whether you are coordinating a school field trip, supplementing a home-school curriculum or simply want your child to experience a fun and interactive academic setting with other preschoolers, it is never too early to start preparing for the future so join Little Explorers today!

In this program, we offer part-time, full-time, and drop-in care. Parents can choose flexibly.

In Little Explorers children are provided with:
– Trilingual Language
– Story Time
– Social Studies
– Little Science
– Kids Yoga
– Practical Life Skills
– Music & Art
– Coding & Robotics
– Mathematics
– Open Exploration

Would you like more flexibility?



For those seeking a more flexible program, you are invited to drop in for an Open Play session at Astar Explorers anytime between the hours of 8AM to 6PM.  Open Play allows your preschooler to gain personal confidence as they independently explore STEM and other academic and non- academic concepts such as literacy and social awareness in a hands-on environment.  Students will have access to eco-friendly materials such as books, puzzles, games, art supplies and other toys so they can use their imagination to create and explore the world around them under the care of licensed instructors.  The flexibility of this program allows you to choose a schedule that works for you whether that is one day per week or a full week pass.

Daily drop-ins are welcome too!


This program is 4 hours per day from 8AM – 12PM or 2PM – 6PM.  Flexible scheduling allows you to pick a time that is best for you.  Tactile learning combined with a structured, academic program allows your child to have a fun and enriching experience that engages their mind on multiple levels.
Whether you are supplementing a home-school curriculum or simply want your child to experience a fun and interactive academic setting with other preschoolers, Little Explorers is here to provide a welcoming, academic environment.

Below is our center’s daily routine.


This program is a perfect building block that’s made to meet the needs of children aged 2-5 years old. We encourage children to explorer when we learn. At Astar, we have created a unique educational approach that is STEM focused but also teaches independence.  We provide an enriching day of learning activities combined with opportunity for play.

See below for our daily schedule.