Juniors get with the program! They’ll create computer programs, video games and apps that solve problems and generate positive change.

Earn these three (3) badges, and you’ll understand coding basics, how to design a video game and create an app.

Robots are simple machines programmed to run automatically. Programmers are engineers that create step-by-step instructions, or algorithms, that tell robots how to understand and respond to their environment.

After you earn these three badges, you’ll know how to program a robot, how to design and build a robot and share with others what you’ve created.

Welcome to the world of cybersecurity! When you’ve earned these three badges, you’ll know how to stay safe and keep information private when you’re online. You’ll also learn investigative skills that will help you spot problems and vulnerabilities in the cyber world. Cybersecurity keeps the world safe. Every company that uses computers depends on people and software to protect them and the information they contain. Do you love to solve puzzles and figure out mysteries and break codes? Then you’ll love learning about cybersecurity—and how you can use your skills to keep people safe.