Daisies crack the code by learning how computers work and creating video games and apps that help other people!

Earn these three (3) badges, and you’ll understand coding basics, how to design a video game and create an app.

In the Roller Coaster Design Challenge, Daisies learn about engineering and motion by building and testing a roller coaster. Daisies explore how roller coasters work and how to design, build, and test a new product.

Invent the future! Learn what robots do and how you can build and program your own. In this three (3) part series troops will learn:

  • What Robots Do
  • How Robots Move
  • How to Design a Robot

Welcome to the world of cybersecurity! When you’ve earned these three badges, you’ll know how to stay safe online. You’ll also have fun using your investigative skills to uncover problems and find solutions.