Our Story

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. A STEM education goes beyond what is taught in public schools. It is a hands-on way of learning that allows students to extend their minds through critical thinking and problem analysis. At Astar Explorer, we are not just a daycare, we believe that learning beyond basic skills is crucial in young developing minds. We offer classes such as Language learning (English, Chinese, and Spanish), Math, Science/Coding, and Social Studies, as well as tutoring, teaching children practical life skills, and working on their physical development. We also grow with our students and are constantly looking for ways to enhance our programs and curriculum. We believe that no child is the same as the next, so we alter our teaching methods based on how each child learns and we offer personalized lessons that allow children to work at their own pace. We offer group classes with dedicated teachers who are willing to provide 1-on-1 lessons and care for children that need it, at no additional cost! At Astar Explorer, we do not believe in placing toys or books in front of children. However, we do hands-on activities that enhance the minds of our students and allow them to learn in their own individual way. Astar Explorer has a strict no-bullying policy.Our teachers are also highly experienced in working with children and hold Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Join us today and find out how we can help your child!